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International Humanitarian Assistance Response Program (I- HARP™) Certificate

The certificate program is comprised of an Introductory Course and five other courses. The courses are
based on the consensus of our Advisory Board members (Board) that when a traumatic event occurs in
the workplace, the organization experiencing the trauma should have a humanitarian assistance program
in place, and all involved deserve a compassionate response. While the original corporate crisis response
plans were typically activated in mass casualty events, the past couple of decades has shown the
effectiveness of using the same response models for a crisis involving one person, one family, one
employee, and all situations where an organization can offer support.

The purpose of the Introductory Course is to acquaint the participants with how the Board defines
humanitarian assistance response and an overview of the course content of the Certificate in
International-Humanitarian Assistance Response Programs (I-HARP)™

The five courses are based on the FAERF Institute’s case study research and the original clinical
research study published by the Executive Director and co-founder of the Family Assistance Education &
Research Foundation (FAERF), Carolyn V. Coarsey, Ph.D., which clearly established the critical role
company employees play in supporting survivors, following a crisis in their own workplace(¹). While the
Institute intends to support and participate in research that shows the similarity between our sample
populations and other trauma survivors, the Certificate refers to processes and procedures recommended
by the Institute for response in workplace crises, i.e., passengers, guests, customers, employees, and all

The courses are written by the co-founders of FAERF, Jeff Morgan and Carolyn Coarsey with input from members of the Survivor and Business and Industry Advisory Boards. The videos that form the basis of the training programs are our own original interviews. Photos of family members, survivors, scenes of accidents, and other visuals are used with permission from survivors who contributed to the content of the courses.

¹. Psychological Aftermath of Air Disaster: what can be learned for training. Coarsey-Rader, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 1992.

The Courses

Planning and Operations

Supporting those in Harm's Way

Supporting Employee Responders


The Business Side of Workplace Trauma

Course Registration & Pricing

The Introductory course about the International Humanitarian Assistance Response Program (I-HARP)™
is now available. The other courses comprising the I-HARP certificate will become available in the near future.
Members may apply to take the introductory course by clicking on the MEMBERS APPLY NOW button and completing the
short application. A member of the FAERF Institute staff will respond to you, process your payment, and
set up your course registration. During this initial release period, the program is only open to members of
the Family Assistance Education & Research Foundation (FAERF) members.

Introductory Course Pricing

The Introductory Course which is available now is priced at USD $99.95. Subscribers to the full courses will receive a credit for the Introductory Course deducted from your additional course fees. Companies wishing to purchase multiple seats will receive a 10% discount for purchases of 10 or more seats.
The estimated time required to complete the course is approximately four (4) hours. You can pause at any time and resume later.

*A certificate of completion will be provided for each individual course, including the Introductory Course.

Main Course Pricing and Availability

The main courses of the certificate program will become available shortly. Subscribers may purchase courses individually or as a complete program.

Individual Course: TBD
Complete Program (5 Courses): TBD
Certificates of Completion, I-HARP™Certification, and Credential Badges

CE Credits: Please contact us about the possibility of providing CE credits for your industry or organization.

Subscribers who successfully complete all five courses will receive a professional certificate in International Humanitarian Assistance Response Programs (I-HARP).™ Certificate holders will be able to obtain digital badges that can be added to social media profiles, email addresses, and other locations where their digital credentials can be displayed.

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