If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Corporate, Associate, or Individual Member of the Foundation.
Please contact Cheri Johnson at or 1-404-631-6157.


$750USD Annually
  • Associate Memberships are for entities and organizations (including governmental agencies) that may directly or indirectly assist persons in a crisis or tragedy, where the Foundation Board determines that such entity or organization possesses resources, talents, knowledge, and/or skills that benefit Foundation Members.


$2,500.00/USD Annually
  • Corporate Memberships are for organizations seeking a means to provide prompt, effective assistance to persons affected by a crisis or disaster. These individuals may be customers, employees, or bystanders - anyone who is involved.
  • Pay Annual Dues;
  • May access resources under our mutual support model;
  • May contribute their own resources on behalf of another Member;
  • Are bound by the terms and conditions of the Foundation's Membership Agreement; and
  • Depending on scope of operations and/or services desired, may require a separate agreement with Aviem International, Inc.


  • We also welcome individuals who wish to support, participate in, and/or follow our work. Contributions in any amount are tax deductible and help fund the Foundation’s ongoing survivor outreach, research, and other activities. To contribute, please contact Kelly McKelvey at or 404-881-2819.

Foundation Support Team – Are you interested in helping to make a profound difference in the lives of people involved in a crisis or tragedy? If so, please go here. Note: Current employees of Foundation Corporate Members or Aviem clients may not join the Foundation Support Team as individuals.

Stay informed about the Foundation’s activities and learn from our research and response experience by signing up here.

Formulario de CARE TEAM de la Fundación

Inscrição CARE TEAM FAF – Fundação de Assistência as Famílias

Membership Benefits

  • Family Assistance Support in the event of an accident (Corporate Members only)
  • Invitation to, and reduced rates for, Foundation activities and functions
  • Sara Low Pin in the shape of the Family Assistance Education & Research Foundation logo
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Subscription to all publications Sharing the Journey, the Foundation’s newsletter, and consciouness@work articles
  • Reduced rates for FAERF Workshops
  • Reduced rates for Aviem International, Inc./Higher Resources, Inc., training programs (Corporate Members only)

Please contact Cheri Johnson at or 1-404-631-6157 for more information on joining the Foundation.