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Higher Resources, Inc. (HRI) is an educational organization offering programs designed to assist survivors of traumatic losses i.e. victims of trauma, families of those traumatized, as well as family members whose loved ones died in sudden, unexpected ways.

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Human Services Response™ (HSR) is a non-counseling approach offered by the employees who work for an organization where one or more customers and/or employees are involved in a crisis in the workplace.

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Carolyn Coarsey


As a former corporate human resources director, and a family survivor of a commercial air disaster, Dr. Coarsey long ago recognized the need for educating those who wish to serve survivors of trauma about the practical side of response.

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Trauma Integration


QPR Quick Quotes

The Foundation works closely with Dr. Paul Quinnett and the team at the QPR Institute to provide suicide prevention education and training, specifically customized for the corporate and industrial workplace. The Quick Quote series features true stories which illustrate how the QPR approach to preventing suicide can be applied.

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Wednesday Wisdom

Heart Hands around Earth

Our Wednesday Wisdom series features nuggets from our experience and research. Each installment is a brief reminder that a fully integrated approach for assisting survivors of traumatic loss involves a balance of head and heart.  Wednesday Wisdom is written and copyrighted by Carolyn V. Coarsey, Ph.D., and distributed by the Family Assistance Education & Research Foundation Inc. Reprinting or sharing Wednesday Wisdom is allowed with written permission from the Foundation.

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Transcending Trauma and Integrating the Past into New life

A program for anyone who’s life has been interrupted with sudden, unexpected change caused by accidents, crimes and other events that interrupted life as it was experienced before.

Grief Recovery: Grieving the Loss and Embracing New Life

When we lose a loved one suddenly, unexpectedly with little if any warning, the shock and sense of bewilderment must be dealt with first before we can move into a new life where our beloved is experienced in a spiritual instead of physical way.

Suicide Prevention and Postvention for Organizations

As a master trainer for the QPR Institute Carolyn offers programs to organizations where individuals are trained to recognize risk factors as well as warning signs of individuals who are at risk for suicide. QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer) is a research based approach designed to train everyone at home, workplace, and schools on how to offer support and assistance. Learning how to respond to a suicide that has occurred, or postvention is an essential part of preventing a follow on suicide.

The Human Energy System as a Map for Spiritual Growth

Coping with changes in one’s life can be greatly improved by learning to manage one’s energy. Before Frued and Jung and the development of Western psychology, individuals from the East relied on teachings about the human energy system in understanding physical, emotional, psychological issues. Learning to navigate inevitable changes in life as part of our spiritual growth can be enhanced with a greater understanding of the ancient chakra system. As we learn to manage our energy, we learn to manage our lives.

enroll in classes and learn about training offered by HRI

To enroll in grief education classes or QPR Training offered by HRI, please follow the link below to learn more details about scheduling and pricing. Survivors must complete an application for the classes in advance. Anyone who has been diagnosed with PTSD at any time in their life will need a statement from their clinician approving their attendance in the educational classes. Survivors whose loved one has died in less than 18 months will need to have approval from their counselor or physician before attending classes—as for most people, psychotherapy may be more helpful in the initial aftermath of the loss and HRI classes are not intended to replace any medical or other psychological intervention.


  • Family Assistance Foundation Annual Meeting – Care (Face-to-Face) and FSR (Telephones)
    September 25-26, 2019, in Atlanta, GA
  • QPR Gatekeeper & Train-the-Trainer Sessions (Open to the Public)
    September 27, 2019, in Atlanta, GA
  • UK-Europe Member-Partner Meeting
    December 4-5, 2019, at The Museum of London Docklands
  • 2020 Americas Member-Partner Meeting
    October 21-23, 2020, in Anchorage, AK

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