Anchorage resident, Jeff Arnold is the Foundation’s Regional Director for Alaska.

Traveling on business in 1999, Jeff was one of 134 passengers and crew to survive the crash of American Airlines Flight 1420 in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Sadly, ten passengers and the flight’s captain perished.​

The experience led Jeff to begin presenting at training sessions for airline Care Teams and other organizations, all of whom found his insights valuable in improving their plans and procedures. During a visit to Alaska Airlines, Jeff mentioned that it would be helpful for survivors and families to have something tangible describing what the Care Team does and how to get in touch. In response, the airline created a foldable business card, variations of which are now in use all over the world.

Jeff’s professional resume includes his commissioning in the US Army Reserves in 1981, followed by his graduation from Central Michigan University and active duty with the US Army. He trained as a Quartermaster Officer and earned his Parachutist’s Badge by completing the rigorous Army Airborne School. Military assignments took Jeff to many places before he left active duty to return to Anchorage and join the Alaska Army National Guard in 1989. He has since served on Alaska’s State Emergency Response Commission and Joint Terrorism Task Force and earned a Masters of Strategic Studies from the US Army War College in 2004.

Jeff is a regular blood donor; visits patients as part of the Spiritual Care Department at a local hospital; is the current Chair of Anchorage’s Operation Stand Down program to assist homeless veterans; and is active in his church as Sacristan Coordinator, lector, and lay Eucharistic Minister.