Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan is Chairman and Co-Founder of the Foundation and President & CEO of the Foundation’s partner Aviem International, Inc. Aviem is a full-service emergency services company dedicated to helping companies prepare for disaster with planning, consulting, training, exercises, and disaster support services.

Jeff created Aviem International, Inc. after a 20-year career with Delta Air Lines, Inc. During his last six years at Delta he was instrumental in creating Delta’s first dedicated emergency management department, responsible not only for aircraft emergency response procedures but general emergency preparedness, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning.

He is widely recognized within the airline industry for creating the program that set the standard for how airlines respond to disaster with the joint Delta/Swissair response to the Flight 111 tragedy in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jeff has taken his wealth of knowledge and experience to expand Aviem’s services well beyond just aviation and mass transportation and works with many organizations involved in emergency management including various governmental and public safety agencies, healthcare, gas/petroleum, and other corporate clients. Jeff also works with strategic partners around the world to provide an integrated network of resources that bring “best of breed” to every service provided to all clients.