QPR Quick Quotes: Providing Hope during Vulnerable Times
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Quick Quote:

 “The worst thing we can do to prevent suicide is nothing.”
                                                                           -Paul Quinnett, Ph.D.,
      Founder & CEO, QPR Institute

Providing Hope during Vulnerable Times
                                                                                                    -Carolyn V. Coarsey, Ph.D.
A few weeks ago, the QPR Quick Quote featured a story about humiliation
associated with job termination—and how these two factors together may
place a person at greater risk to die by suicide. A Foundation member who
had just been trained as a Gatekeeper a few weeks before the article
appeared, read the story and was moved to write us about an experience
that he felt was related.
A friend of mine who worked for the same company I did for many years
started to do something terribly wrong – helping to smuggle drugs into a
country where they were not legal. While the drugs were legal in the US,
they clearly were illegal in the other country and his actions involved
many governments.

The supervisor involved was called before senior executives and placed in
charge of the investigation. He was also required to tell all other
employees, that under threat of termination, we were not allowed to have
any contact with this employee.

At the time, the gravity of the situation wasn't apparent to me and
I couldn't imagine this employee being cut off from so many friends.   
So, me being me, I reached out to him and met him way off-site for a
cup of coffee and spent some time chatting with him.

What went through my mind was that I was looking at someone who
made a terrible mistake; who probably would show appropriate remorse
and would eventually get his life together. It wasn't my job to be
judgmental. I felt that by extending a friendly hand that I would help
that process. I believe that people who visit inmates in prison perform
a similar task.

I think it had a benefit. I certainly wasn't condoning what he had done
– I was simply supporting him as he went into the period where he would
be punished for his deeds. I think that's important at times. If someone
has no support on which to build their future, then what do they do?   
The alternative can be too terrible to contemplate.

"No plan to prevent suicide will guarantee success, but no plan at
all guarantees failure."

                                                                                                     -Paul Quinnett, Ph.D.,
                                                                                                     Founder & CEO, QPR Institute

At the Foundation, we often support employees and families of those who
may be associated with probable cause of a tragedy in the workplace,
such as aviation crash or other type of disaster where people have been
injured and possibly killed. Like the story above, we believe that it is our
place as friends, peers, co-workers, supervisors, and leaders to offer
emotional support and maintain a non-judgmental attitude. The
investigation will take place and the legal system will carry out the
necessary process, including punishment if necessary—we strive to create
a supportive environment for emotional survival during and after the
business phase is finished.

"If suicide is a tragedy, imagine the unlived life."
                                                            -Paul Quinnett, Ph.D., 
Founder & CEO, QPR Institute

Our interviews with airlines pilot who are in the cockpit at the time of a
crash, who also live through the often-brutal aftermath—guilty or not of
any wrong doing, have shown that thoughts of suicide are not uncommon.
And while for those we have supported, it is only a thought, we believe
they must have hope to go on to the next chapter of their lives. And that
hope comes from others—as the Gatekeeper’s story above illustrates.


QPR stands for Question, Persuade and Refer and is a research-based
intervention that anyone can learn. The Foundation works with the QPR
Institute to customize this successful intervention for cruise lines,
aviation, human resources professionals and other workplace groups. 
Please contact stephen.young@aviem.com
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like to know more about how you can learn to be a QPR Gatekeeper in your
organization. You can also learn how you can become a certified trainer
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