Scott Maurer

Scott Maurer brings a family member’s perspective, a wealth of business knowledge and experience, and determination to effect change to his role on our Board. Scott and his wife, Terry, have been active members of the Foundation for some time.

The Maurers lost their daughter, Lorin Maurer, in the 2009 crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407. Lorin, an accomplished athlete, had earned a Master’s degree and her ultimate goal was to serve as Athletic Director for a major Division I university. Her position at Princeton University involved working with coaches and former athletes to grow and develop sports and education programs

Scott and Terry were touched when they learned how families from previous airline tragedies had also worked to effect change. “During our time of need we had no idea of all of the planning efforts previous families provided to help us deal with the fate we were facing,” he says. “Without that support, it is unthinkable what we would have done and how we would have functioned just to get through those first few days. Now, knowing how important support is, Terry and I want to be there for others as they were for us.”

That opportunity came when the Foundation assisted a client that lost two pilots in an accident overseas. The parents of one of the men lived near Scott and Terry, who had previously completed Human Services Response™ training and responded immediately to help.

Scott also brings extensive business knowledge and experience that will be helpful to the Foundation going forward. He and Terry have been married for over 35 years and recently relocated to Florida to be near their son and his family.